Crimtan - Two New Opportunities to Boost Engagement

21st April 2015

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In May 2014 New Mind | tellUs introduced a partnership with global marketing company, Crimtan. The destinations that have already taken advantage of this new revenue stream are certainly reaping the rewards with income from advertising increasing month on month in-line with the growth in web visitors and page views.

One of the benefits of Crimtan, aside from generating advertising revenue (without any effort from members of your team), is that Crimtan profiles the visitors to your site. Using real-time data, based on the online activity of around 90% of the UK's online population, Crimtan can see the recent browsing history of your website visitors to identify which other sites they have used. Crimtan is then able to use this data to push adverts to web users, across their network of advertisers including MSN and The Guardian, based on their interests, browsing behaviours and other demographics. This offers two interesting opportunities for destinations who are looking to utilise display advertising as one of their online marketing channels - Dynamic Prospecting and Smart Retargeting.

Dynamic Prospecting

Dynamic prospecting is aimed at finding new ‘in-market’ users, i.e. those demonstrating behaviours that suggest they would be interested in what you are offering. Another way to think of these new users is ‘Look-alikes’ i.e. they have never visited your site before but they ‘look like’ those users who already do.

Through dynamic prospecting, your destination’s adverts will therefore be shown to web users that match the profiles of your existing visitors; increasing the chances of engagement and therefore maximising the return on investment. Adverts can be highly targeted to users to increase the chances of success, for example:

  • Based on other demographics such as location, meaning only people in a specific radius will see your adverts
  • Based on interests so that adverts promoting the outdoor activities, for example available at your destination would be shown to users with these interests
  • Based on users that match the profiles of visitors who have completed calls to action in the past, such as enewsletter sign ups or online accommodation bookings

This approach ensures you are not wasting adverting spend as adverts are only served to users that match your ‘customer persona’.

Smart Retargeting

Smart Retargeting is based on adverts being presented to previous visitors in order to entice them back to your site. This could be to promote new key events and attractions or to encourage users to sign up for future communications or view special offers – whatever messages you are trying to promote.

The artwork and messages can be tailored to each approach, factoring in that dynamic prospecting is for potential visitors and smart retargeting is aimed at previous visitors. Again, looking at the profiles of visitors who completed the actions you are hoping for will help you to retarget the right people - maximising your ROI.

The digital landscape is constantly changing but it’s fair to say display advertising is not something new. However, big data is now making this a really interesting space where it’s possible to see, in real-time, what is and isn’t working across a range of users, markets and devices so that the right adverts can be served to the right person, on the right device and at the right time. With the UK predicted to be the first country in the world to commit over 50% of ad spend on digital and online media this year, quickly followed by Sweden, Denmark, Australia and Norway (Source: The Guardian) this could be a really good time to utilise this fast-growing channel for your destination.

If you would like to find out about Crimtan or prospecting and retargeting, please speak to your Account Manager or give us a call on (0)330 440 1825.


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