Banksy's Dismaland Delivers a £20m Boost

28th September 2015

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New Mind | tellUs destinations, Weston-super-Mare and Visit Somerset are reflecting on the phenomenal success of Banksy's Dismaland event following the closure of its gates yesterday. 

Bristol born anonymous artist, Banksy's anti-capitalist show was billed as a 'beumusement park' and an alternative to the sugar coated tedium of an average family day out and was based in a derelict seafront lido in Weston-super-Mare.

Initially a £7m economic boost was predicted but now an estimated £20m of extra revenue has been generated for Weston-super-Mare and the surrounding area.  Over a 5 week period from 22nd August to the 27th September a total of 150,000 visitors (around 4500 customers a day) were attracted to the event, paying a £3 admission fee (or free for the under 5s). Around 4000 tickets were sold a day online, plus another 500 per day to people willing to queue for hours.  Hundreds of thousands of social media postings around the globe helped to fuel the frenzy. 

#Dismaland on social media:

  • Twitter: There have been more than 300,000 tweets globally relating to Dismaland. It has been most tweeted about in the US, followed by the UK and then Japan
  • Instagram: Some 86,500 picture post have tagged Dismaland
  • Google: The peak volume of traffic searching for Dismaland was on Friday 21 August, the day after the attraction was announced. Also, the top search query was for Dismaland tickets
  • YouTube: Nearly 11,000 videos related to Dismaland uploaded. The official Dismaland trailer has been watched nearly 2.6 million times
  • Facebook: Declined to provide any stats
(stats from

A poll of businesses in Weston and the surrounding Somerset confirm that Dismaland has generated a 20% increase in visitors to attractions, a huge 50% boost for hotels and a 100% in extra rail travel.

John Turner, Visit Somerset's Chief Executive comments "This has been a global phenomenon of major importance for the region, as we have seen a large international surge in what is a predominately a solid and reliable domestic market.   The majority of businesses have been reporting up to 50% increases on last year and as this event overlapped in the most crucial time in the holiday calendar, could well see a further £20,000,000 coming back into the local and regional economy."


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