DMS 3.4 Is On Its Way - Want a Sneak Preview?

12th July 2016

Categories: Our News

The team at New Mind | tellUs is pleased to announce that the latest version of our Destination Management System, DMS 3.4 is now set for release, representing the most significant release since the new user interface was launched last year.

For those eagerly awaiting the new functionality and features, here's a quick overview of what to expect:

Image Cropping and Editing

When editing a tourism product, data stewards can now crop, reposition and resize images from right within the DMS. No more pre-processing in Photoshop required which will save both time and money.

Channel Validation

This new tool aims to improve the data quality of tourism product displayed on DMO websites without the time-consuming need to manually police the information.

For example, if you want to ensure that all accommodation products need to have 4 pictures and that they all must be geo-coded so that they can be plotted on a map, rules to enforce this can be defined within the DMS. Subsequently, whenever a product is created or edited, the user will be warned if these minimum data requirements are not met and helpful links will guide the editor to correct the omissions in order for it to be successfully published.

N.B. This is a chargeable upgrade. Please ask your Account Manager to demonstrate the functionality.

Product Facilities & Categories Selection

A new set of filters has now been added to improve the process of assigning facilities to a product.  Facilities can now be categorised by type so for example, Catering may be set up as a facility.  When adding the product, the Catering filter is selected from a drop down menu and only options relating to that facility type will be displayed.

The same filtering options have also been added to the Product Categories edit interface.

Multiple Daily Openings

This is a new feature which has been introduced for products which open more than once a day such as shops which close over lunch, theatres and tours.  The input fields now accept a wider range of formats for times, eg. 8.00pm, 20.00 etc.  Opening times for one day can also be copied across multiple days.

Provisional Seasonal Openings

This feature is relevant for annual reoccurring events where the specific dates may be subject to change but the provisional dates need to be displayed.  These provisional dates can also be styled differently to indicate that they are provisional only.

New Product Additions - Extranet

The Event Administrator functionality has been expanded to allow select extranet users to create new products within the DMS of any product type.

Shared Media

When using the Add New Media dialogue a user may also search for an existing file which has been uploaded before in addition to uploading a new image or file.  Eg. a map can be shared between a village product and a walk.

Languages for Products

A new feature allows the language for a product to be specified so that the user can control which language versions of a website the product is promoted on.

The rollout of DMS v3.4 has commenced today, starting with our clients in the UK initially.


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