Earn Revenue by Selling Tickets with Our New Partner, WebTicketManager

15th August 2016

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Web Ticket ManagerNew Mind | tellUs can now offer our DMO network the ability to manage, promote and sell tickets online following a new partnership agreement with WebTicketManager announced this week.

Traditionally there’s been no simple solution for DMOs to create a revenue stream from the ticket sales on their destination sites. Our partnership with WebTicketManager now offers a refreshing new approach to ticketing called the BoxOfficeNetwork, with no capital cost to the DMO and no license fees or tie-ins for their attraction and event users. Set-up is easy and no technical resources are required to maintain or operate the system.

So how will it work for our DMOs?

As the BoxOfficeNetwork is already integrated with the New Mind | tellUs DMS (Destination Management System) all you need to do is say yes!

Visitors to your destination sites will then have the ability to purchase tickets for attractions and events without leaving the main destination site. DMOs will get a percentage fee for each ticket sold on your site. This will all be managed on your behalf; you’ll simply receive a weekly remittance along with all the reporting and insights you’d expect from this great new resource.

So how will it work for your attraction and event users?

Your attractions and events users will deal directly with WebTicketManager and get access to the BoxOfficeNetwork comprehensive back-office system. This will efficiently manage all of their ticketing, fulfilment and reporting for the tickets they wish to sell via your destination site. As mentioned, there are no license fees, capital costs or tie-ins and all tickets are sold at face value. Only once they sell a ticket will a percentage fee be taken.

However, it doesn’t stop there. Once a visitor to your destination site has purchased their ticket the BoxOfficeNetwork also allows attractions and events to recommend each other and potentially make additional commission through ongoing ticket sales.

So why bother?

  • BoxOfficeNetwork is a simple, integrated route to generating revenue for your destination.
  • Unlike traditional marketing and advertising, the BoxOfficeNetwork means your attraction and event users will only pay when they actually sell tickets.
  • Visitors to your destination sites are going to love how simple it is to find and buy tickets right there and then without leaving your destination site.

For more information about how your destination can start earning revenue from ticketing, contact your Account Manager.


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